8 December 2016

Consulting and GIS Audit

From the world of consulting, research and training, SGSe implements projects for the development of innovative applications.

Our ambition is to benefit all who use or exploit the geographic information of the latest advances in research and technology to manage and operate jointly map data, satellite imagery and image banks, to using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and multimedia; and implementation of dynamic geographic applications.

We have both the skills and experience to help you make the right choices at the right times, with all independency. Our consultants come from diverse and complementary backgrounds related to IT and engineering, as well as earth sciences.

Their complementary skills will be a vital key to help identify needs, to select tools, and to implement them. Our experts will help you to decide after analyzing all the consequences of technical choices. They will assist you in drafting the specification, preparation and realization of test benches and in the phases of selection and implementation of a GIS.